Quick Start

How to register and use our service


Create an account with us here,
and verify it via the link we’ll send to
your email address.

create system image

Log in with your credentials to your
web dashboard and click the “new”
button. This will create your first
Windows system image.

connect & setup

You will be provided with a .rdp
(Remote Desktop Connection)
file with credentials to connect to your
Windows image on the server, which
you can configure according to your
needs. Contact our Live Support for
any questions or concerns.

file transfers

You can transfer files to and from the
server using third party FTP services,
cloud drives (i.e. Dropbox or Google
Drive) or by copying directly via RDP.


You will be charged a $6 hourly rate.
You may transact via PayPal, bank
transfer or credit card (dotpay)